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My Name is Carlos Roberto Rodrigo Turner.
I live in Madrid with Mar, Lucas y Pancho.
I work at T├ęcnica y Avance.


Writers: Andy Weir, Dan Brown, Cory Doctorow, Ernest Cline, Ken Follett…
Films: Bladerunner, Bladerunner 2049, Cashback, The Martian, Oblivion, Ready Player One, Ghost in the shell…
Series: The Big Bang theory, Grantchester, Fringe, Endeavour, Shetland…


3D printing, AI, AR, augmented intelligence, automatization, AVs, big data, biomimetics, blockchain, cryptocurrenty, climate change, EV, energy, internet, IoT, future, fiction, fintech, mental models, money, UBI, VR, web design and developement