Carlos Rodrigo

Hi! My name is Carlos Roberto Rodrigo Turner.
I work at Técnica y Avance and I live in Madrid with my wife Mar.
I am most interested in AI + ML, biomimetics, blockchain, energy, climate change, money, fintech, economy, internet, mental models, automatization, IoT, UBI, online security, programming, big data, startup and corporate innovation, web design and developement, possible futures and fiction.
This website contains a collection of things I’m working on, interested in or thinking about.

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Editing my list of mental models.
Thoroughly thinking about my Principles and beliefs.
Writing down the list of things to know, things everybody should know.
Watching: Rick and Morty + The Mandalorian
Reading: Introduction to Stehen Hawking + Richest Man of Babylon
Listening: His Dark Materials (1) – The golden Compass