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A great idea for pocket money

I read this post from Michael Karnjanaprakorn about he handles his girl’s allowance.

I think there are some great ideas, that I am taking for Lucas’ and Nico’s pocket money in a few years:

– How to set the allowance: weekly, 1€/year. i.e: 10 years, 10euros/week.
– Compounding: set an interest rate on savings, i=10%/year. This teaches them about compunding.
– Doubling savings: every year if savings are over 50€, double it to reinforce patience and savings.

This will need a spreadsheet, another great skill to teach.

A thoughtful and great approach on how to handle finance skills and allowance.

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This website’s Websitecarbon score

This website got an A+ on the Websitecarbon score.

Is suspect that one reason may be that there is not much content yet, so the site is pretty light.

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Now 06062024

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Dune Part 2 review

I really enjoyed part one of the recent films of DUNE, honestly I have not seen the old ones, so I can’t compare. I don’t like how old films represented the future (except Star Wars) though they obviously made the best out of the available tools.

In the first film, I was amazed at how they managed to create such incredible recreations of the different great houses, how well it was filmed, how great the technologies (ornithipters, protective shields…) are, the story…

Of course, the second film still is great in all those regards, but it seems to me that they tried cramming to much of the story in a single film (whis is understandable) and there’s no "wow factor", but that may just be me. I feel as I were getting used to amazing things and they no longer have such the impact that they used to have.

All in all, I give it a 4/5.

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