Carlos Rodrigo

00 About me

Hi! I'm Carlos.
My full name is Carlos Roberto Rodrigo Turner.
I was born on the 14th of july of 1985, the son of a scottish mum and a spanish father.

Happily married with Mar 👩🏼 since the 27th of May, 2017.

I have a BSc in Quantity Surveying, a higher degree in Administration and Finance, and I'm self-taught web-developer (HTML, CSS, PHP and JS).

I run a small web-development studio called Pixelea and a news aggregator,

I currently work at Técnica y Avance as responsible for the day to day of the spare parts department and managing the digital transformation.

I have worked at Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Repsol. I have participated in the development of really interesting Architecture projects (196 VPOs in Getafe, of Palacio de Arenas de San Pedro....) I have also worked as a translator (English and French) and as an advisor and in the drafting of the Document of Madrid on the conservation of the heritage of the 20th century.

02 Notes

03 Projects

pixelea: Simple and flexible web design and development. My own news aggregator. Free, no ads and no cookies.

Moodboard: A collection of cool and inspiring things.