Carlos Rodrigo

Rules for a Knight

Highlights from Rules for a Knight by Ethan Hawke.

  1. The voice of our spirit is gentle and cannot be heard when it has to compete with others. Just as it is impossible to see your reflection in troubled water, so too is it with the soul. In silence, we can sense eternity sleeping inside us.
  2. The quality of your life will, to a large extent, be decided by with whom you elect to spend your time.
  3. Anything that gives light must endure burning.
  4. You were born owning nothing and with nothing you will pass out of this life.
  5. Be frugal and you can be generous.
  6. In the field of battle, as in all things, you will perform as you practice. With practice, you build the road to accomplish your goals. Excellence lives in attention to detail.
  7. Do not speak ill of others. A knight does not spread news that he does not know to be certain, or condemn things that he does not understand.