Codex vitae

Este es mi Codex Vitae, o libro de la vida, una colección de creencias y principios que informan mis decisiones y mi vida. Es un documento en constante evolución cuyo objetivo principal es resumir y esclarecer lo que pienso y opino, conocerme mejor a mí mismo y dejar por escrito una serie de creencias y principios que regulan mi vida.

Otros ejemplos de Codex Vitae: Yoann Lopez, Buster Benson, Tony Stubblebine


Estado físico
Estado Mental
Relaciones, familia y amigos
Economía y finanzas
Películas y Series


My amor y/o mi respeto no es gratuito, ya no creo en amar o respetar a todo el mundo. Amar y/o respetar indiscriminadamente es lo mismo que no amar/respetar. Todos tenemos que trabajar mediante nuestras decisiones voluntarios por ser dignos del amor y respeto de los demás.

A la gente se la mide por lo que hace, es decir, por las decisiones voluntarias que toman para dirigir en un sentido y otro su vida.

La felicidad en la vida se consigue ajustando las expectativas con la realidad.

La mejor opción para tomar mejores decisiones es preguntar: ¿qué haría una persona inteligente y valiente?

Intuition and guts feelings are as important as your rational feelings
We do not understand 10% of what surrounds us but we believe that we understand 90% therefore everything we believe has very little value in this universe but is important for being sane.
Questioning others beliefs is extremely important to remain free and to evolve. But we have to learn more about questioning our own beliefs.


Tener unos principios claros y una filosofía de vida evita que nos enfrentemos a cada situación como si fuera la primera vez.

Construir la realidad que quiero.
Construir la reputación que quiero.
Perseguir mi propósito.
Perseguir la autonomía y libertad personal.
Ser feliz haciendo feliz a los que quiero.
Mejorar de forma constante (Kaizen). No dejar de aprender.
Hacer ejercicio, no fumar, beber y comer con moderación, y andar mucho.
Hacer buen uso de mi tiempo.
Con­fiar en otros, hacer que puedan con­fiar en ti y con­fiar en mí mismo.
Ser positivo, proactivo, flexible, humilde y agradecido.
Tomar deci­sio­nes. No quiero ser un asno.
Buscar solu­cio­nes, no problemas.
Refle­xio­nar y pensar.
Intentar hacer todo por uno mismo, al menos una vez.
Ser buena persona pero no presumir de ello.
Mirar al futuro, vivir el presente y aprender del pasado.
Eliminar lo que sobra.
No gastar, invertir.
Gastar menos de lo que gano.
Hacer lo que funciona.
Se auténtico, respetar mis valores y no venderme.
Aprender para opinar.


This is a list of fears that I am continually working on. I try to understand what’s at the root of these fears and what beliefs or practices I can develop to know that things are going to be okay. Because, in a very broad sense, things are going to be okay.

Not having enough money in order to be free
→ Compensating aspiration: never lose sight of the financial-independence goal

Dying too young to witness the rise of the singularity
→ Compensating aspiration: being even healthier and take better care of myself

Not being able to do what I love for a living
→ Compensating aspiration: Be more work-oriented. Look for better opportunities

Not being financially independent
→ Compensating aspiration: Save more money, spend less on useless stuff


Productivity is about focus even if you can focus only 10 minutes on something you need to be focused
Procrastination is an invisible enemy. it’s easier to keep momentum than to produce it
Productivity is a muscle, it’s not inherited and extremely connected to your self-discipline.


The best diet is the diet you’ve designed.
Avoiding sugar and processed food is super important
We shouldn’t care about what others think when it comes to eating
It’s important to avoid things you know are bad for you even if you love them. Health over pleasure
You have to eat for pleasure but when you try to put pleasure on hold, it’s easier to eat reasonable amount of food and to stop overeating
I love carrots, apples, and pumpkins
I don’t diet, I have my own rules that I follow and break from time to time
I like to have a certain routine for my breakfast and to change it every few months
I record what I eat to remain in my calorie budget
I don’t eat to much oil even though I know that some of them are really good for your health
I avoid pastries, especially butter-based ones
I eat as much vegetables as I can
If I have to eat something quick outside, I allow myself to eat sandwiches and stuff like that without feeling guilty
Avoid sugar
eat more raw stuff

Clothing and style

Clothing and style should reflect your personality
Spending more money on good quality is more important than quantity
Having some kind of uniform you wear on a daily basis helps you save time and money. It’s efficient and time-saving
Increase the quality of my clothes

Physical Fitness

Physical activity is key to feel good on the inside and on the outside
Build a habit where you feel guilty if you don’t exercise
Do more stretching
Work on my breathing
Drug use (which are proved not to be extremely harmful) is a personal decision and should be decriminalised

Relaciones, amigos y familia

Loving someone and being loved is necessary to your overall health
I need to walk a lot in order to meditate and spend some time with myself
Meeting people, engaging with them in deep discussion, and discovering new cultures is the best therapy you can get
Isolation is great when consumed with parsimony. I have to be careful when I’m in a group of people to stop isolating myself
be more conscious about my feelings and others’
Keep going into minimalism
try to be more “aware” of my environment
Acceptance is the answer
Feelings are hard to control and they are not created by other
I can’t control others’ feelings
Truth will set you free. — honest self expression is critical to my well-being in any relationship. This includes initiating difficult conversations when appropriate.
Everyone is doing the best they can do. — No one intends to be a jerk. If they are, accept the situation as it is and decide how to move on from there.
Love is a better thing to do rather than talk about. It is not a commodity to be bartered for.
Honesty — with self and others.
Self care — set discuss and maintain boundaries
Be better at talking about myself, I’m a good listener already but not so great at talking about myself
Be better at connecting with my family and friends
Be better at showing love for my parents
Create financial independence
Travel more
Meet more people
More open communication. Accept conflict and discuss it.
Support other in their personal growth and accept support in mine

Be as detached as possible from material possession if it doesn’t help my financial independence and/or my happiness
I believe that most people are good. So when I start talking to someone or to engage in a conversation with a stranger, I tend to trust him and think of him/her as a kind person
People don’t really care about you if they don’t know you. Therefore, it’s hard to grab someone’s attention when they don’t know you
We are all connected, we all have at least one thing in common so we’re not that strangers to each other
I scan people pretty easily. If I don’t feel that someone is kind/interesting/trustworthy, etc. I’ll just avoid engaging with that person
I tend to think that people will judge me from the very beginning (which is certainly true), therefore my ego is always working against me as it makes me acting pretty shy with strangers
Meet more people
be a bit less introvert sometimes
You can nurture true friendship with only a handful of people. More than that will surely sacrifice the relationship with your friends
True friends don’t need to be reminded all the time that they’re your friends. They just know it. Even if you lose touch for a few months. If not, they’re not your friends
Friendship is essential to our mental health as it provides us with love and support
When a relationship with a friend becomes toxic. Just trash it. It’s not worth trying too hard
Never actively look for friends, they just appear along the road
Be more present for my friends
Your partner should be like your best friend
Love is something you nurture every day
Your partner is always here to support you and you’re always here to support him/her
Love evolves and you should be able to realise this in order to feel happy about it
Follow what the universe sends you
Listen listen listen
Be understanding when point of views don’t align
try to be more present for my partner
Your family is only important to you if they are giving you love and support (which is the case for me). The most important thing in someone’s education is love.
Realise that we all have different point of view even if we’re from the same family
Do not get angry so easily
Regain contact with some members of my family
Start to build my family tree

Material World

Possessions makes me anxious as I love to be free to move from one place to another. I adore some stuff like my computer, my iPhone or my Japanese knife but I tend to limit my material possessions to a minimum
Order and cleanliness is key to my mental health. I need a clean and tidy environment to feel good
I like pets but believe they’re hard to move around so they tend to anchor you in one place
Cleanliness is like love, you need to nurture it every day if you want it to survive
No shoes in the house
Don’t let the dishes accumulate in the sink
throw away stuff if you haven’t used it for more than 3 months (except for summer stuff when it’s winter of course)
Tidy stuff as soon as there’s a little mess
Own even less stuff
Be able to carry all I need in one suitcase
Put experiences above material possessions even higher

Economía y Finanzas

Money is great as it buys you freedom
Money is a great proxy for success
I don’t care much about brand but a lot about quality. I’d rather buy a 50 euros T-shirt that can last for 5 years than a 10€ one that will be worn out after 5 months. And if there’s a brand on the good quality T-shirt then great for that brand. The best exemple of this is Apple. The brand is super strong because the product are super high quality
Think more than a month when you want to buy something expensive
I heavily track my spending
Save at leat 20% of my income
Spend less
Invest more and in a better way


My (young) career has been a matter of luck and opportunities that I’m really grateful for
I think that the word career is not relevant anymore in this world. Therefore we should use the words work-adventure in order to better reflect the current world. Work is more an adventure for the youngest generations, we tend to stay way shorter in the same company, some of us won’t even work as an employee but as freelancers instead. The life-long careers of our parents is fading away
Sooner or later most jobs will disappear and we’ll be only good at creative things (until the computers catch up on that skill as well). Therefore we should nurture this and become more and more creative even if it’s not our background
I believe that being a jack of all trade, master of none, is better than being an expert. It depends on the work you’re doing of course, but for a lot of jobs it is true
Honesty, kindness, and empathy are better in the workplace than politics. Political people are toxic and kills everything
Better to act than to overthink
Shipping over detail-oriented
Break things and fix them later
Always be kind
Don’t engage in employment that obviously conflicts with my values
Make sure that the vision of the company is in line with mine
Know your future coworkers before starting a new job
Do good work that benefits the wellbeing and freedom of others and myself


Learning is important at any age. Ossification is death.
Always have a new skill to be learning. Things I’d like to learn next: guitar, piano, japanese, flying, dancing?
Learn more about cultures and psychology
Building stuff is awesome
Doing projects around design makes me happy
All my projects should be shared with others even if I don’t like showing what I’m doing


Our civilization is probably the greatest that has ever come to Earth and will likely sustain itself forever and if we achieve multiplanetary colonization
We’re all good, we just created such systems that add evil to the society
Economic freedom and free competition is key for a healthy society
When we reach a level of Artificial Intelligence that will surpass ours, things about organising society will get easier with the help of machines
Creativity is what makes a society happy, politicians should focus on this (education, jobs, etc.)
The best way to improve the society is not only by using politics but also by creating businesses, organisations, etc.
Improve the society through business
Be more involved in the creative scene



Películas, series y documentales


Colección de mis frases y/o aforismos favoritos

Gente que me inspira

Winston Churchill
Elon Musk
Carl Sagan
Richard Feynman
Bill Gates
Warren Buffet
Ayn Rand



Run another Marathon
Eat better food
Try to live as long as possible in order to witness the singularity
Learn guitar
Learn Graphic design
Be good at mathematics
Chase aurora borealis
See a tornado
Fly an aerobatics plane
Fly at a stratospheric level
Climb a volcano
Walk more than a 1000km straight
Go into space