Cultivo vertical If every city on earth were to grow 10 percent of its produce indoors, it would allow us to take 340,000 square miles of farmland back to forest.DICKSON DESPOMMIER, EMERITUS PROFESSOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND MICROBIOLOGY AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, AND FATHER OF VERTICAL FARMING

Big data

AI + Machine Learning + Deep learning


Biomimetica Early examples of biomimicry are found in Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches for flying machines and in the work of Filippo Brunelleschi: after studying the strength of eggshells, the Renaissance architect designed a thinner, lighter dome for his cathedral in Florence, completed in 1436. Later, in 1719, paper producers shifted from using cotton and linen fibres after French entomologist Réne-Antoine Réaumur suggested the wasp’s use of wood pulp in nest-building demonstrated a better alternative. In 1809, naval architect Sir George Cayley studied dolphins to make ships’ hulls more streamlined.Yet perhaps the most famous example of biomimicry came in 1948 when Swiss engineer George de Mestral walked his dog: it emerged from the bushes covered in burrs. After examining the burrs’ tiny hooks under a magnifying glass, he designed Velcro.Biological organisms have already provided solutions in areas such as zero-waste systems, low-temperature manufacturing and efficient materials and structures. Advances in scientific knowledge, manufacturing technology and digital design tools make now the moment to embrace biomimicry.


Esquema energético

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the difference between the linear growth and exponential growth (Bacterial growth )
modular arithmetic (how computers work and what are those famous 1s and 0s in matrix wallpapers)
reading charts (x-axis, y-axis)
logic paradoxes – 10 Mind-Boggling Paradoxes


But what is a mammal?
tipos de especies, como se diferencian las especies…
What is a cell?
What is a DNA?
We see DNA tests in many movies but how do they understand whether that child is her’s with only one hair string?
What is a virus? Is it living or non-living? Ever heard of photosynthesis? Why are trees said to be lungs of the earth?
what is lung anyway?
Ciclo de carbono
Ciclo del agua arco iris
Paradoja de fermi
Porque son verdes las plantas
Por que es azul el cielo
El sentido de la vida: comer, respirar, reproducirse


Chemical reactions.
States of matter.
What is a gas, what is boiling?
Did you know you cannot boil an egg on top of the Everest because boiling temperature will not be enough?
And this topic is pretty related to how pressure cookers work.
Speaking about water, why do they say H2O to the water? Why not H5O?
Do you remember periodic table from high school classes?


quantum physics general relativity
planet orbits
possibility of time travel
galaxies are also very interesting to learn and read about
Por que vuelas los aviones
Por que flotan los barcos


Roman Empire was one of the largest empires ever but why did they fail to continue?
What happened in world war I-II?
If you know the history, it will be easier to understand what is happening in the middle east today.
What is cold war? How did the Soviet Union collapse?
Who discovered the America and what they have done?
How did China manage to preserve its borders this long? We hear about Aztecs, Incas but where are they now?
Why do they call the UK The empire on which the sun never sets?
What was the purpose of Hitler?
If Germany and Japan lost the world war, how they became two of the most powerful countries in such a short time?
Napoleon? Mahatma Gandhi? Atatürk?
Cambrian Explosion 5 extinctions


What is a desert, what is a river delta or a rain forest?
You should be able to read the maps, understand a bit what legend says (scaling?).
Climate information, animals and plants for a specific type of climate regions, weather conditions, what type of winds are there, earth formation, how disasters occur


Why societies act the way they do?
How do we interact with each other?
What is culture? Why do we create families?
What is ethics? (by the way, ethics is one of my favourite sub-topic.
It can be very interesting sometimes.
For example, should people be allowed to clone themselves or should we take immigrants into our country etc.)
Besides sociology topics, I also think everybody should have a general idea about the different cultures all around the world.


How elections work?
What does prime minister do?
Who decides how to change the education system?
What is a parliament? What about international relations?
What is UN, NATO, EU, Trade agreements, borders etc.
Gay Marriage Abortion Civil Unions, Right to Strike Socialism, Communism, Imperialism, Capitalism


Rights and responsibilities?
Do you know what you can do / cannot do if you are arrested?
Or what if you encounter a thief at your home? Can you shoot him/her?
Does it differ if he is at your bedroom? What is counted as self-defence?
Do you smoke weed?
Or do you use drugs? Is it legal where you live? Do you know the consequences?
Or another question: if you see someone kills a person are you obliged to report that to the police?
Do you use copyrighted material on your website? Do you know the consequences?
Also take a look at: Your Rights – RightsInfo
Do you know what are the differences between a lawyer, attorney general and judge?
Where can you apply for an official complaint? How do you sue someone?
Does it cost anything?
What is constitution?


Economists define a currency as something that can be at once a medium of exchange, a store of value and a unit of account.
Money How do currencies work? What is inflation? What is the relation between the interest rates-inflation-currencies-exports/imports.
How stock exchange works?
How banks work and where do they earn money from? Why $100 today is more valuable than $100 tomorrow (time value of money)?
What is opportunity cost?
General knowledge about main occupations/jobs. Nice to know how companies work?
Which departments do what in general? What is does human resources or logistics department do?
What is a CEO of CFO? What are the biggest companies in the world?
How many employees do they employ?
How much revenue they generate and how much profit they create?
Personal finance.
How to make a monthly/yearly budget?
Where should we invest our money and how? How should we save money for future? How should we save money for future?
what is the difference between revenue and profit?


Considering this, what I would say as a foremost information about psychology is: your brain also gets sick and that can be cured. Stockholm syndrome (starting to feel empathy to (even like) our kidnapper), Dunning–Kruger effect (everybody thinks they are above average) or The Paradox of Choice (the more choices we have the less likely we are to be happy with our decision) and many more.. You have probably heard but do you know what is Maslow’s Hierarchy or Pavlov’s Dog? What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know? What are some cool psychological hacks?
What is depression, why does it happen, am I having a panic-attack, my child is hyperactive is this a good thing?
Do I have a social phobia or just an introvert?
I am a porn/drugs/smoking/gambling addict, how to get rid off it?
Can someone have schizophrenia if didn’t have before?


What is knowledge?
What is “something” and Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing? Am I really here in this physical world or is this all an imagination of someone (god?)
What is Cogito ergo sum?
Who is Descartes, Kant, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Nietzsche?
What is dualism, nihilism or pragmatism? Who is septic, materialistic or hedonist?
Prisoner’s Dilemma Logic fallacies Game theory
Mental models Seneca Ayn Rand In philosophy, “the Absurd” refers to the conflict between the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and the human inability to find any. In this context absurd does not mean “logically impossible”, but rather “humanly impossible”.The absurdist philosopher Albert Camus stated that individuals should embrace the absurd condition of human existence while also defiantly continuing to explore and search for meaning.


Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, atheism, Scientology

Primeros Auxilios

What will you do if someone you love is having a heart attack, or shocked by electricity, or heavily bleeding or choking and you are alone?
What to do in a terrorist attack?
What to do during an earthquake?
Fire? Animal attack in a forest?
Do you know what your liver is actually doing?
Or your kidneys?
What do doctors mean when they say your hormones or enzymes?
I think everybody should know about our anatomy at least in the basic terms. | Your Interactive Guide to Human Anatomy what does an antibiotic do to your body and how you should use it? Which cream you should apply to relieve muscle pain? Did you know you should never drink alcohol with any medication? Is it ok to give Asprin to your child? You are using some pills for your reflux but are you aware of short/long time side effects? what active ingredient is? What are the names of some basic medicines that everybody should know about? what is AIDS and how do you get infected, what is diabetes, what is cancer and how does it occur. If you hear someone near you had tuberculosis, you should be aware of that it is contagious.


What do we eat?
Where do they come from?
What is all the fuss about fast-food?
What do we know about the basics of nutrition?
What is carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals?
Is being a vegetarian healthy? How do they bring that meat to your table?
Which processes do these foods are passed? Do you know where strawberries grow?
Is this organic food trend being exaggerated? Why we should limit using salt and added sugar as much as we can?
Can you read nutrition facts label? Caffeine effects LCHF diets

Como funciona:

Make a list like this and start checking from time to time:
How internet works?
How computers work?
Engines, cell phones, printers, white appliances, watch, camera, microphone, electric guitar, GPS, radio, telephone, planes, satellites

Internet / Ordenadores

How do you open .zip files?
What is a pdf file?
Microsoft Excel but you will be surprised to know the things that can be done with Excel.
Parts of a computer what is a search engine?
What is a browser? What is IP?
How big is 100 MB and how many MBs a movie occupy on our hard disk?
What is hosting and servers, why do we need servers anyway?
What is cookie, spam, firewall and CAPTCHA?
What is a computer virus and will it get infected if I use my computer when I have the sniffles?!
PGP Blockchain Big Data Crowdfunding 3D Printers Dark Web ASCII Binario
Construir un portatil


Banks never ask your password. Regarding passwords, there are some best practices like not using the same password for everywhere, recording them in secured apps and so on. There are also lots of security rules about our cars and houses. Every adult should know the meanings of warning signs on the roads. Balconies are dangerous for your kids and pets. Never leave pills and little pieces at places reachable by little kids. Unplug your electrical device when you leave home or even not using it.


lol, wtf, ppc, seo, NATO, GDP, btw, NSFW, asap, ceo, cfo, ps, diy, etc.


Being able to express your ideas in a clear manner. Active listening. Understanding body language. Questioning. Giving a speech in front of an audience. Being polite. Be able to act politically. Controlling your anger. These skills are not easy to learn by reading or watching videos. You will rather practice it as you live. While we discuss, debate, defend our opinion we use some techniques (rhetoric), mostly instinctively. And inevitably most of us fall into logical fallacies sometimes.


How to Cook,
How to fix a car,
change tyre,
refill oil,
Housework / DIYs,
Can you iron?
Paint the wall?


Everybody knows Eiffel Tower but do you have any idea why it has that shape? Ever heard of Sagrada Família? What about Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Kremlin or Hagia Sophia?


Resolver un cubo de Rubik
Abrir cerraduras y candados
Nudos marineros


Pareto Rule
Evolution Theory
Determinism and Free Will
Game Theory
Quantum Mechanics
Sweat Shops
Global Warming
Global Terror
Euthanasia Cloning Nuclear
Energy Animal Rights
Homeschooling Ethics
Drugs Legalization
Guns Carriage
Travel to Mars
Life After Death (Reincarnation)