Carlos Rodrigo

What is a website?

In the widest sense of the word, a website is a set of words and images placed together in order to share through internet an idea or message from one computer to another.

Simply put, a web site is an assembly of web pages, made of code, broken in one computer, sent in it’s smaller pieces (packets) to another computer, that reads the code, translates it, and Reassembles it. A web page only requires text to be a full working website, if we would like to structure it, we can shape the text using html, if we would like to make ot prettier we can use CSS and we could use Javascript to make it dynamic.

To find a website we use domains (actually subdomains) or IP address, ie the name of a website. In addition we have to have a place to host the content (texts, images, files) of our website that must be connected to the internet at all times so that anyone can access at any time, this is the server or hosting service. The tool that reconstructs the information packages of your website is the browser (chrome, opera, firefox ...)